CCR Members Aid Tornado Victims

Mission Trip to Birmingham, Alabama
In April 2011 and again in January 2012 the Birmingham, Alabama area was hit with massive devastating tornadoes. Through Lutheran Disaster Relief, 6 members of King of Glory Lutheran Church (Carmel, IN), including CCR members Randy and Marcia Poisel, went to help with the rebuilding process. The sites of destruction we saw were heart breaking and overwhelming. We didn’t know how just the 6 of us could make a difference. We decided: One step at a time – every little bit we did contributed to the whole and helped.

By the end of the week we had sorted debris, put in insulation on a new rebuilt home and repaired roofs on an existing damaged home. What we did mattered to those we served. God used our hearts, hands, feet, muscles, brains and mouths to serve those in need. As we left Miss Lisa, we reminded her that the work we did was a gift from God and every time she looks at the roof to remember that God walks with her through the difficult times.

Please remember in your prayers Miss Lisa, Mrs. Taylor and all the survivors from the devastating tornadoes that have occurred throughout the South and Midwest this past year.

As social ministry looks into our next mission trip planned for July 8-14 watch for further details to come on how you can help. We are looking into going to Henryville, IN to help with the recent tornadoes there. Thank you to all who prayed for us and supported us as we traveled.
— KOG Adult and Family Mission Trip Team


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